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It’s springtime in Indiana, and we all know what that means: pop-up rain storms that can positively soak you in seconds! No matter where you work or play, you’re likely to get caught in at least one rainshower this spring, so remember these helpful tips to stay comfortable and dry anywhere you’re going.

First, consider how far you’ll be walking in the rain, is it a marathon or a sprint? If you’re just running to a friend’s doorstep or sprinting into the grocery store, you can get away with fewer protective layers, but if you’re walking several blocks, you’ll want to dress for the long haul.

#1 Waterproof Footwear
A stylish ankle boot with a treated or faux leather, rubber, or other waterproof material keeps the water off of your socks and won’t have you clunking around in chunky rainboots all day.
If there’s a chance you may have to slog through some mud, consider bringing along a change of shoes for when you arrive.

#2 Moisture-Wicking Base Layers
Moisture-wicking fabrics such as polyester, nylon, and wool won’t absorb the splashes and soak you or weigh you down like cotton, and they’re designed to dry quickly so you won’t have to worry about sitting around in wet clothes once you reach your destination.

#3 Something for Your Head
For a heavy downpour, you may want a wide-brimmed rain hat or an umbrella, but a quality rainjacket with a large hood that securely fastens with velcro can protect you as well as an umbrella and won’t burden you with extra baggage.

#4 Splash-Concealing Patterns
Some shades and patterns hide moisture better than others. For example, heather gray is known to show every droplet of water. Darker colors like black, charcoal, and navy blue conceal splashes more effectively than lighter shades and pastels.

#5 Visibility Gear
Dressing in dark colors might make you blend in with your overcast surroundings, so consider clipping a reflective band, belt, or vest over your ensemble to ensure you’re visible to drivers and cyclists. These pieces are lightweight and can be tucked easily into a bag once you reach your destination.

Most importantly, check the weather before you head out so you can dress accordingly and you’re not caught in a downpour without a backup plan. Whether you’re running over to Orange Theory, Sam’s Club, or Oaken Barrel for an after-work snack, being dressed comfortably for the rain can ensure you arrive safe and dry and don’t miss out on any fun. If you’re looking for luxury Greenwood, Indiana apartments near all of these destinations, look no further than The Madison at Greenwood Apartments: brand new, spacious units with terrific amenities near Greenwood’s best shopping, food, and fun. Call 317-620-5917 for a tour today.