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As the cold settles over central Indiana, you might be wondering how to create a snug and stylish winter retreat in your apartment. Fortunately, all it takes is a little attention to detail and a touch of handcrafted charm. As a bonus, you can support local businesses and charitable organizations while you do it. Let’s look at a few ways you can create a cozy and comforting space and also support your neighbors and community this holiday season.

First, Declutter
Spring cleaning gets a lot of attention, but there’s a lot of value in decluttering before winter sets in, as the dust bunnies and disorder can add to holiday stress when prepping for visitors. If you have gently used appliances, clothing, or furniture, you can contact the Impact Center in Greenwood or Lord’s Cupboard in Franklin to make sure your items reach those in need.

Additionally, when you’re decorating for any of the winter holidays that take place in December and January, you might be making space for special towels, blankets, table settings, and other decorative items that only come out in the wintertime, so it’s a good opportunity to wipe down your tabletops and other surfaces before you switch items out for seasonal ones.

Shop Local
If you live in Greenwood, you’re privileged to be near a variety of holiday shopping, from antique and vintage stores to new and modern retailers.

Crafts and Creations
A small business combination artisan and craft store, art school, and consignment shop located right in Greenwood.

Heaven Too LLC Antiques & Vintage
You guessed it: an antique and vintage decor shop located right on Madison Avenue.

Southport Antique Mall
This warehouse-style antique outlet provides decor, furniture, unique collectibles, and more.

Greenwood Park Mall
Greenwood’s mall is the second largest indoor shopping mall in Indiana, and with more than 150 different shops and restaurants, it’s sure to have a little something for everyone.

Get Crafty
Why buy when you can make your own? Try a DIY holiday doormat or succulent box workshop at Board and Brush in Greenwood to add your own special touch to your holiday decor. At Crafts and Creations, you can take advantage of various holiday craft classes, from holiday cards to pencil, pastel, and watercolor classes.

There’s nothing more festive or cozy than switching out your spring sheets for your winter flannels. If you’re switching out your lighter bed linens for winter flannels, it’s helpful to have a zippered bedding bag to store your seasonal linens. Wash them once more before putting them in storage, and then when you bring them out in the spring, you can just fluff them in the dryer and they’re ready to go.

Wreaths and Garland
Craft a chic and minimalist winter wreath using pinecones or a garland made from paper, berries, fabric, florals, or even with the holiday cards you receive. Arrange them in a circular shape and add a touch of metallic spray paint for a modern twist. If you need some inspiration, try this wassail and wreath-making workshop nearby in Indianapolis, just a quick 15-minute drive from Greenwood.

Framed Botanical Prints
Consider framed prints or mixed media pieces featuring plants with a wintry aesthetic, such as bare branches, frost-covered leaves, or pinecones. This adds a touch of nature without the need for traditional winter imagery.

Rich Metallic Accents
Infuse your space with a winter vibe by incorporating cool-toned metallic accents. Iron, bronze, and zinc metallics are trending this season for accessories like vases, frames, or sculptures. These elements add a touch of sophistication and a modern winter look.

Are you searching for a new place to call home for the holidays? Come take a personal tour of The Madison – apartments for rent, Greenwood, Indiana. We’re located in a terrific neighborhood with plenty of opportunities for shopping, crafting, and making the holidays special in your own unique way. Call our leasing office at (855) 785-0497 and reserve your dream home today.